I am an actor/singer/writer from Detroit, Michigan (well, close to Detroit). I received a BFA in Musical Theatre Performance from Western Michigan University in April 2020.​

I first knew I wanted to be an actor while watching Pirates of the Caribbean as a child and wishing I could be Captain Jack Sparrow. When I realized I couldn't, I quickly started acting in the only way I could at the time: my church musicals (most notably playing the role of Jonah in the 2009 smash hit Oh, Jonah.) I continued performing through high school and college as well as attending Stagedoor Manor Performing Arts Camp for several years. 

While attending high school at Cranbrook Kingswood, I met Christian Zilko. We quickly developed a very specific and at times probably annoying sense of humor and decided to translate that into writing. Our first project in 2017 was SketchShow, an original sketch comedy pilot which we wrote, directed, produced, and starred in. Later that year, SketchShow was accepted into the ITV Festival in Vermont where we were able to sit down with network executives who gave us lots of great notes on our work. Since then, Christian and I have been working on many different comedy projects (and one abandoned horror script) and have been diligently working to improve our style and develop new projects.

I also own The Godfather on DVD but have not seen it.